David Stevenson — Inventor of the A-Frame & X-Strap:

David Solo

In addition to playing the guitar, David is also an innovator. He is the patent holder and manufacturer of the A-Frame Adjustable Guitar Support.  With thousands of sales around the globe, the A-Frame is a replacement for the traditional footstand, and is in use world-wide by leading guitarists. He recently introduced the A-Frame MI (Multi-Instrument) Guitar Support, which offers the versatility of the A-Frame for other instruments:

• Electric Guitars
• Basses
• Mandolins
• Banjos
• Ukeleles, and
• Acoustic Guitars

David is also the inventor of the X-Strap (patent pending) which enables anyone to stand while performing with a classical, acoustic or electric guitar. The X-Strap not only supports the instrument over your shoulder, but the patented double strap also pulls the guitar tightly against your chest to hold it in a stable, non-moving position.

NC native David Stevenson took up the serious study of the guitar at age 21. His teachers have included Ali Akbar Khan at Ali Akbar College, Ralph Towner at Naropa Institute and Christopher Berg at USC.  Eventually earning a Master’s in Classical Guitar, David has always been oriented towards creating music for the guitar from a non-stylized perspective, preferring instead to search out a unique voice for the instrument.

With 2 CD’s, reviews from national publications and other local media and insertion into the major digital distribution sites, David Stevenson is poised to move beyond the regional stage to a much larger audience.

David is on the Performing Arts Faculty at Clemson University and the University of North Carolina at Asheville. In addition, he is a Suzuki certified educator and has a studio in downtown Asheville where he teaches young children, ages 5 and up. He lives with his wife and 2 daughters in the mountains near Asheville, NC.

David is also the Classical Guitar Recording Guitarist for Dream Guitars — Retailers of the finest guitars in the world. LINK


To reach David by phone or email:

Phone — 828-768-8110
Email — david @ davidsguitar dot com

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